Here at Sew personal we love the joyous news that a friend or a loved one is expecting, and naturally, we want to provide the most sentimental, yet useful gifts. When considering gifts, the only way you can ensure a unique present, is by adding a personalized DIY factor to the item. Diapers and pacifiers will come in handy, but they're also plentiful and very common gifts.

One thing a baby can never have too much of, is clothing; it's no secret that babies spit, vomit, and experiment with messes. Embroidering a sentimental onsie is more than enough to bring a mother-to-be to tears. Every baby shower is a success when you show you care through a personalized gift. Embroidering special designs or logos on onesies is a special way to say you know the new parents, and you're excited for their new addition; you can embroider rare or offbeat designs you'd never normally find on baby clothes.

Personalized pillows and blankets are more for the parent than a newborn, but it sets a theme. As kids grow, they love personalizing their bedrooms and learning their name; every child has an obsession with writing his or her own name at some point.

Whichever way you decided to go about it, just remember to include personalized details, to show how much you care.

Being a key part of a wedding celebration is a fun and exciting activity. Even leading up to the big day, you're busy planning, partying, and prepping. Because so much time and energy is dedicated to this day, the bride and groom are extremely grateful to all involved. One way to show love and appreciation for those involved is by showering them with bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts; and nothing says, “I care" like making that gift personalized.

From the bride to her beloved bridesmaids, these gifts say, “Thank you for standing by me all these years, especially today!" Whether they are sisters, mentors, mothers, or friends, these are some of the most important women in your life. Here are some ideas on gifts to let them know it.

Having cozy robes monogrammed in their favorite colors with their names and 'Bridesmaid' on it is a great way to commemorate the event and make them feel special! They will be able to use the robe long after the wedding, too, and always think about the wonderful time they had.

Especially if you're having a summer wedding, embroidered tank tops displaying that they're a bridesmaid are cute and fun. These make great outfits for the bachelorette party or wedding shower.

No matter where life takes you, a tote is always a fantastic accessory, not to mention convenient. Whether they're headed to the beach, a family vacation, or just a stroll around town, your bridesmaids will be so grateful they have a cute, personalized tote to carry all their belongings in!

Men aren't as fluid when it comes to expressing their feelings toward the other men in their lives, but that doesn't mean they don't truly care. To show your groomsmen how much you care and appreciate them now and in your life, give them one of these personalized gifts.

A monogrammed travel/gym bad is a very practical and convenient gift that all the metal pumping, jet-setting men in your life will definitely appreciate!

Help your buddies tailgate in style with a monogrammed cooler. Any guy would be all over this gift

Do you are your guy pals love to make it out to the green as much as possible? Get them personalized golf towels to remember your special day and all the celebrations when they're hitting their 18 holes!

While your presence is a gift in itself, you will need to get a gift for the lovely new couple, as well! Here are just a couple ideas to keep things personal… Monogrammed towels and washcloths, personalized kitchen accessories, monogrammed tablecloth or table runner, pillowcases, his and hers robes, and any other creative item the newlyweds might love or need!

Embroidery adds a special something to everything it touches, and logos are no exception. Some companies, however, are reluctant to put any type of decoration on corporate apparel. If you have been hesitant about incorporating uniforms in your workplace, consider the following:

A logoed uniform is deliberate, not random. People like the customized look; it shows you've put a lot of thought into the work wear program when the ensemble features the company logo. Blank shirts can be purchased anywhere, but embroidered shirts show that care and planning went into the process.

Embroidery is more than just stitching. Traditional uniforms can sometimes be bland; after all, they're designed to make employees look...well, uniform. Embroidery in a bright color can add excitement, interest and pizzazz to an otherwise boring garment; it can also be used to coordinate mix-and-match separates. Even the simplest embroidery can add eye appeal and uniqueness to a plain, functional uniform.

A personalized uniform can actually make an employee friendlier. A nameless worker is just a worker, but when the uniform bears his name, the employee becomes a real person. Customers are more likely to approach "Steve" than a generic employee. By displaying his name, Steve is practically asking customers to use it.

Uniforms aren't what they used to be. A uniform does not necessarily mean every employee wears the same color shirt every day of the week. You can still keep a consistent look among the workplace by just having the same logo embroidered on different style shirts. This allows folks to put a little bit of individuality into their look while still showing company spirit.

Personal monograms foster pride. Let's face it, everyone likes to see their name in lights! By embroidering an employee's name on his shirt, the company says he's important enough to warrant the extra expense. That, in turn, makes the employee feel good about the company and his job, which is easily conveyed to customers.